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Aerospace Partners Engineering Sdn Bhd engaged in the attraction and retention of talented people.

We value every employee’s dedication and commitment and embrace the importance of ensuring the right skills, capabilities and improved capacity is sustainable in the long-term by helping our employees excel in achieving their desired potential.

Aerospace Partners Engineering Sdn Bhd is committed towards working with our customers to suit their every need. We aim to create a working environment that attracts and retains the most talented people, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Employment equity also remains a priority on our transformation agenda. Hiring the best skilled individual in the industry is vital to the achievements and sustainability of our company. It is through our staff that we realise our aspirations and deliver on our strategic goals and objectives.

Current Vacancy:

  1. Assembly Technician (Posted on 12 Feb 2020)
  2. Sheet Metal Bending Technician (Posted on 12 Feb 2020)
  3. CNC Milling Machinist (Posted on 12 Feb 2020)
  4. Project Enigneer (Internship) (Posted on 12 Feb 2020)

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